What Can Social Hotcake do for My Business?

Marketing Strategy – Audit, analysis, research, key demographic and audience profiling, objective setting.

Branding– Establishing company image and tone of voice. Maintaining continuity with brand guidelines.

Marketing Planning– Plotting key dates and activities relevant to company growth and development. Selecting focussed campaigns and devising appropriate methods of promotion and engagement with targeted audiences

Marketing Implementation– Planning campaigns, writing engaging copy, briefing creatives and PR, organising all collateral- merchandise and print. Supplying excellent content for all platforms.

Event Management– From small, ad-hoc events to large scale outdoor events, meticulously planning the details from staffing, gaining temporary events notices, ticket sales and wow factor!

Acquisition and Retention – attracting new customers with fresh, creative ideas and methods of engagement. Encouraging repeat visits, capturing details and increasing customer lifetime value

Agility – responding to change innovatively, spotting new trends and opportunities, making adjustments and taking quick action to retain a competitive edge.

Digital and Social Media – Scheduling and managing all social channels, tracking online behaviour and success. Online advertising. Website briefs, development and wireframe planning, web administration and SEO. Utilising CRM systems effectively with segregation of audience, setting triggers and automation for emarketing.

Above the Line and Print – From flyers and A-boards to window vinyls and advertising on busses. Sourcing bespoke merchandise and creating temporary installations/ exhibitions to achieve maximum coverage in front of captive audiences. Printed advertising – editorial and adverts.

Business Negotiation – forming business relationships and partnerships to achieve sponsorship and the best rates of external packages and promotional opportunities, printing and creative day rates.

Public Relations – Writing press releases and briefing selected agencies that have industry specific contacts – journalists, bloggers and influencers. Organising events and press packs, as well as making direct contact with the press to generate coverage and create a buzz, raising awareness and attracting customers to your company.